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Giulio Bogani

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The name "Gnoccolo" is ispired by the "gnocco"a round and tasty Italian food. This pouf-armachair is represented by three key-terms: pop, practice, smooth. These attributes has to be found in two different solutions. The first peculiarity of this pouf-armchair is, in fact, a pillow that becomes a table, depending on two different positions. It is also thought to be pull out and then used as a lap-desk, with a specific ergonomic shape. As a consequence, a second way of sitting is now ready for the user. The line of Gnoccolo gives the user the opportunity to comfortably work at the computer, being received by a smooth shape. The second distinct trait of Gnoccolo is the usage of the internal space at its base. Two cuts, inspired by the paintings of the famous Italian artist Lucio Fontana, are positioned on the sides. Those cuts are functional inner pockets thought to insert the technology which characterizes our daily life, including computers, tablets, external devices or a simple charger. Gnoccolo wants, in this way, to give a practical answer to those who pretend comfort, technolgy and good appearance.



Height 46 cm

Width 80 cm

Depth 60 cm

Main material

Polyurethane Foam

Main colour


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09/05/2013 17:16:34 michele santomarco designer - 31 submitted project(s)
di che materiale è fatto?
10/05/2013 10:06:47 Giulio Bogani designer - 4 submitted project(s)
Il materiale principale è poliuretano espanso. Quanto al rivestimento, personalmente, l'avevo pensato per essere in microfibra, per via della buona resistenza e della piacevolezza al tatto, tuttavia nulla vieta di pensarlo pure in similpelle vista la sua marcata natura Pop.
10/05/2013 12:32:19 Maria Incampo designer - 2 submitted project(s)
13/05/2013 16:09:45 Paolo Foglini designer - 23 submitted project(s)
complimenti l'ho notato solo ora questo progetto...molto originale...bella idea!
16/05/2013 15:58:22 Giulio Bogani designer - 4 submitted project(s)
Grazie mille per i bei complimenti, fanno davvero tanto piacere. :)
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